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Coronavirus update.

Bluntforce Performance fitness centre is closed until further notice.​ This is a very tough period for us as a newly opened gym, your support in this difficult time can help us going and stay open. 

We have decided to launch LIVE ONLINE classes, please join us! 

Timetable for LIVE ONLINE classes as follow:

Mon - Fri 

7am to 8am

5pm to 6pm + 6pm to 7pm

10PLN per session (1pln of that will go towards hospital fund to help fight the Koronavirus) 

All classes will be online and run through the App ZOOM. To book please call, e-mail or message us through our Facebook page.

We don't use machines, we build them!

Krakow's first and only English Strength and Conditioning gym run by Ex British Army Physical training instructor.

A gym like no other with unique atmosphere. Taking responsibility for yourself. We will provide you with everything you need to become a better version of yourself. 

All classes are taught in English.


Fitness and Community

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  • Speed 
  • Strength
  • Power 
  • Endurance 
  • Mobility 
  • Agility 
  • Balance 
  • Coordination 
  • Flexibility

Where it all started

BluntForce performance was originally designed for British Soldiers to become faster and stronger working men and women in as many modalities as possible.

our head coach has years of experience, a bag of Qualifications and a passion for helping others move and feel better. 

we offer a unique, community feel atmosphere with top-tier coaches to ensure you are moving safely and correctly. All staff and members achieving their goals right there with you. 

We are here to challenge you, to motivate you and to help you every step of the way.


Never Settle Never Stop 

Classes that we offer


Soldier Strength

A 60 minute traditional session broken down into 2. 1) A compound movement with the main focus on building strength. 2) A conditioning element, High-Intensity workout consisting of body weight / Gymnastics / barbell movements.


Warrior Fitness  

This is a 60min class. Turn up, warm up and workout. A high intensity workout like no other. 30 -40 minutes of blood, sweat and tears. A class you earn the right to be in, every single session. 


Barbell Club 

This class focuses on 2 movements, clean and jerk, snatch.

Prep course needed before attending! 


Train with the Trainer 

If its good enough for you, its good enough for us! Get hot and sweaty along side the coach.

This is not a coached class. A workout not for the faint-hearted!


Parents + Tots  

A fun filled class for the Mums and Dads that look after the little ones during the day. A time for the adults to workout and the young ones to run around and play. 


Single Ticket 

This is for anyone to use outside of the class format. Practise skills or just to throw-down. Available at set times.


Prep Course 

This Course is designed to teach basic barbell movements and to build confidence before jumping into the main barbell club class.  

find us

Address - Rydlowka 32, entry from Tadeusza Szafrana, 30-363 krakow Poland 

Tel - 731 220 120  

Email -

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